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Dame Judi on the special man in her life

By: stagedoorscribbler - August 28, 2017

Dame Judi Dench

What do you do if you want to pull an award-winning actress? How do you impress an A-lister with an Oscar, a Golden Globe, 10 BAFTAS and a dizzying number of nominations.

Dine her at a Michelin starred restaurant? Whip her off for a romantic weekend on Mustique? Get tickets for the opera? 

Not necessary it would seem. Conservationist David Mills wooed Academy Award winner Dame Judi Dench by inviting her to open is Squirrel Enclosure.

 At least that’s the way it seems from recent reports dwelling on the couple's relationship which started in 2010 after the actress, who was widowed in 2001, met David at the wildlife centre he runs in Surrey. She had indeed been invited to declare his new squirrel enclosure open. Whether this was the spark that ignited their relationship is clearly for them to know and us to wonder about.

What Dame Judi says is that Mills is a “jolly nice friend” and they have a lot of fun together. She balks at the idea of referring to him as her boyfriend and hates the term partner. Instead she settles for the term chap. 

The 82-year-old actress has also dismissed the idea that they might get married saying that she and 74-year-old Mills are too old to consider tying the knot.