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Congratulations to actor Joe McFadden - winner of Strictly 2017

By: stagedoorscribbler - December 18, 2017

Strictly Come Dancing

Just in case you hadn’t noticed, it’s Christmas which is nothing else mean that the latest series of Strictly Come Dancing has just reached its conclusion with actor Joe McFadden waltzing off with the champion’s Glitterball trophy.

Actually I suspect it was his Charleston wot done it. Great synchronicity with professional partner Katya Jones and all dressed up like a little drummer boy. Joe couldn’t go wrong with that particular crowd-pleaser.

Except of course, in the eyes of the Twitter trolls, it was the wrong decision. No sooner was the result announced than all the fun and festive goodwill  seemed to evaporate as social media started buzzing with the thoughts of the mean and the green. It was a fix, it wasn’t fair, it should have been Alexandra Burke… Debbie Magee… Gemma Atkinson, they wailed. 

Blimey, poor Joe. All he did was enter a dance competition and work really hard to fight his way through to the final. Exactly the same can of course be said of the three other finalists. 

It really didn’t matter who lifts the trophy. They are all winners and not only was Joe was a deserving victor but his rivals in the final seemed perfectly happy with the result. 

If you really want to hone in on the nitty gritty of dance talent then it would probably be best to take the final vote away from the public and give it to the professional judges.

However that would take a lot of the fun away from the show and there would still, inevitably,  be sour grapes from certain quarters.

The thing to remember is that Strictly is principally about fun and entertainment and that is exactly what it is to millions of viewers. The mean-minded critics are, believe it or not, very much in the minority.

But what is it like to actually take part in that show? Rev Richard Coles is someone who knows. His new An Audience With... show will be touring with Clive Conway Productions soon and the Rev Richard will be lifting the lid on life behind the scenes on Strictly.Watch this space for further details.