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Berkoff at 81 writes directs and stars in play about Harvey Weinstein

By: stagedoorscribbler - February 18, 2019

Steven Berkoff. Photo by Hattie Miles

He’s made a name playing villains and exploring the darker side of human nature. Now our old friend playwright, actor and director Steven Berkoff is really going where others fear to tread 

He is appearing at the playground theatre in London for three nights, ending tomorrow Tuesday 19th February,  in Harvey a play that probes the mind of reviled Hollywood producer Harvey Weinstein.

Mega-rich, mega-powerful and able to make or break careers on a  whim,. Weinstein found his world collapsing when he was outed as an alleged sexual predator.

Weinstein has been shunned by Hollywood and currently stands accused of sexual harassment and assault by over 80 women. He maintains that all of the encounters were consensual.  An awful lot of people, including several big name actresses, disagree.

It’s a subject that is hugely toxic at the moment and I suspect that many in the theatre world would not touch it with a proverbial barge-pole.

 But  Steven Berkoff, at 81, is not only performing the role but has written and directed this one-act play too. And he clearly relishes the opportunity.

I like evil people,” Berkoff told the Guardian recently. “I’m like a surgeon who is happiest when working with a very diseased body.”