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BBC's John Simpson turns novelist with fast-paced Russian political thriller

By: stagedoorscribbler - September 15, 2018

John Simpson

With over 40 years' experience in international journalism John Simpson has dodged the bullets in Tiananmen Square, danced on top of the Berlin Wall, and was on hand for the revolutions in Czechoslovakia and Romania. 

He stood alongside Boris Yeltsin during the KGB coup which brought down the Soviet Union, and was the first Western journalist to penetrate the KGB headquarters in Moscow. 

Now turning to fiction John has a new book - Moscow, Midnight -  due tio be published soon. It’s a fast paced and revelatory thriller. It features Jon Swift, an old school of journo. Swift is cynical, cantankerous and overweight but when he sniffs a story being covered up, he is fearless. 

The book opens with the discovery of the body of Jon's friend and government minister - and something about his death and links to a string of Russian government figures who had met similarly 'accidental' fates doesn't seem right. 

When the police refuse to investigate further, Swift gets in touch with his contacts in Moscow, determined to find out if his hunch is correct. The truth comes at a price, and it may cost him everything. 

John Simpson will be out on the road soon and in a fascinating evening he will introduce his new book as well as some of the difficult and often dangerous situations he has faced as a reporter, as well as some of the more light-hearted and amusing tales from his own travels interwoven with stories of figures who went before him, such as Ernest Hemingway, Martha Gellhorn and Charles Wheeler.

Check this website for details of his forthcoming appearances. Coming soon.