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Baroness Greenfield and the evolution of the human mind

- April 2, 2018

Baroness Susan Greenfield

Great news that scientist, writer and broadcaster Baroness Susan Greenfield will be available for a limited number of talks on the Clive Conway Productions circuit 

Known for her research into the treatment of Parkinson’s and Alzheimers’s disease, she is also an expert in neuroscience of consciousness a nd the impact technology on the brain. 

She is a  Senior Research Fellow atLincoln College, Oxford University and and was Professor of Synaptic Pharmacology.

In September 2013, she is Chief executive Officer and co-founder of the biotech company Neuro-bio Ltd. 

Baroness Greenfield argues that understanding the human mind and how it is evolving, bears relevance to audiences right across the public and private sector.

It impacts of everything from  solving workforce issues, nurturing leadership and inspiring creativity, to understanding the consumers of the future.