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Anything Goes! - remembering the Roaring Twenties

By: stagedoorscribbler - December 30, 2019

Liza Goddard and Robert Powell

A new year and a new decade beckons and looking through our upcoming programme I realise that one the shows we have on offer is Anything Goes! - An affectionate tribute the Roaring Twenties.
We are talking of course the about the 1920s, that extraordinary era 100 years ago when with the he war in Europe was over and it was time to have fun!
Actors Robert Powell and Liza Goddard will, with musical accompaniment on  piano by Christine Croshaw and flute by Clive Conway, remember the age of the Flapper girl, lavish cocktail parties and nights of carefree jazz. It was a time when the young threw off the conventions of the previous generation. Freedom was in the air, and the winds of change were blowing.
Noel Coward epitomised the spirit of the age with his sophisticated elegance and sardonic wit. The songs said it all! Cole Porter was to be seen in the Ritz Bar, playing his unforgettable songs, while Fred Astaire danced on the London stage with the great George Gershwin himself at the piano. Audiences flocked to the cinema to see Charlie Chaplin, the great Hollywood star of the silent movies. The Bright Young Things partied the nights away, dancing the latest craze, the Charleston, while the Prince of Wales shimmied his way across Europe. It seemed as if the party would never end.
Looking back from the 2020s we may have a different perspective but the fun and atmosphere is still tangible. Watch out for Anything Goes! at a venue near you.