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A post Today evening with leading broadcaster John Humphrys

By: stagedoorscribbler - October 14, 2019

John Humphrys. Photograph by Hattie Miles

John Humphrys who has just stepped down as lead presenter on Today, BBC Radio 4’s flagship news programme, has enjoyed a lengthy career as one of Britain’s best known and most controversial broadcasters.
As an interviewer determined to hold truth to power he has in his time managed to infuriated both right and left politicians and sometimes left the British public confused about his own opinions.
It was intriguing therefore to read him answering a series of direct questions in The Observer yesterday and revealing that contrary to popular opinion he is not a supporter of Brexit and voted remain.
He also doesn’t socialise with politicians and certainly didn’t, as one questioner suggested, go on holiday with David Davis.
No it seems that John Humphrys is exactly what he seems to be - a bit of a grumpy old sod with no hidden agenda. He also happens to be a very talented grumpy old sod who, despite being rather good at his job, feels that at the age of 76 it’s time to ring the changes.
He also of course has a new book out A Day Like Today published by William Collins which traces his life and career in considerable detail.
Meanwhile you can see him in An Audience with John Humphrys at Saffron Walden next week. Expect some intriguing anecdotes and few insights into the joys and occasional frustrations of working for the BBC.
An Audience with John Humphrys is at The Saffron Hall in Saffron Walden on Wednesday 23rd October. More information at