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A journey through the keyhole of Lesley Garrett's North London home

By: stagedoorscribbler - August 5, 2019

Lesley Garrett

Sensational soprano Lesley Garrett has long offered Clive Conway Productions audiences  an intriguing glimpse of her fascinating life and career in her touring An Audience with..shows. Fans will be delighted to hear that those ever-popular one night appearances will be back on tour with us  from September.

Meanwhile they got a peek at Lesley’s home-life last week when her opulent house featured on Through the Keyhole with comedian/presenter Keith Lemon arriving in her leafy North London neighbourhood and uttering the time-honoured phrase: ‘Who lives in a house like this? Well a version of it anyway.

Lemon wandered through her living room, kitchen and music room past clues that included a stack of classical CDs, a score for voice on the piano, a hanger full of the kind of frocks that would look utterly at home on the  operatic stage and her Celebrity Master Chef apron. He made much of a supposed misunderstanding, spotting several Wagner recordings, he claimed they must be by the Brazilian born X-Factor singer of songs like She Bangs rather than the famed 19th century German composer Wilhelm Richard who wrote such classics as the Ring Cycle.

Cue film of Lemon sitting happily in Lesley’s bath chatting to X-Factor Wagner perched on the loo. Not sure what the originator of Through the Keyhole the late David Frost would make of the 21st century re-make but it seems immensely popular.

It was then down to EastEnders star Danny Dyer, comedy actor Sally Phillips and former footballer Chris Kamara to work out who’s home it was.

Dyer got it instantly although he did get slightly the wrong end of the stick when he claimed that Yorkshire lass Lesley talked ‘a bit posh’ these days. 

No she didn’t she insisted. ‘Well posh compared to me’, pointed out Dyer. He was not wrong there.

Meanwhile An Audience with Lesley Garrett returns to Clive Conway Productions in September with a series of appearances starting with The Oxford Playhouse on 9th September. More info at