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A chance to hear former British Army chief General Sir Mike Jackson

- March 18, 2019

General Sir Michael Jackson

The former head of the British Army General Sir Mike Jackson is known for his tough talking and uncompromising style. Hear him tell it like it is when he appears at  Firstsite in Colchester on Tuesday 19th March.

Jackson retired in 2006, saying that it was "a regret" that he never fought in a conventional battle—he held a staff position in 1982 during the Falklands War and serving as a brigade commander in Northern Ireland during the Gulf War.

Determined to keep active in retirement, Jackson recalled advice he had been given by a friend—"whatever you do, don't settle for pruning the roses or soon enough you'll be pushing them up”.

Sure enough after 45 years in the military, he has robust views on the support or lack of it given to our soldiers fighting in the world's trouble spots.

When his autobiography, Soldier, was published in 2007 The Independent called it "an engaging and honest account that would repay reading by all those who seek to understand the 21st-century British Army” 

However Peter Beaumont, foreign affairs editor for The Observer, described it as "disappointing" and commented that "in the end it is Jackson's opinions ... rather than any powerful new detail that emerges”.

Suffice to say General Sir Mike Jackson continues to make his feelings clear and, while some don’t necessarily agree with what he has say, he speaks with the authority of a man who has immense military experience.

*An Audience with General Sir Mike Jackson is at Firstsite in Colchester on Tuesday 19th March.More information at