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A Berry Royal Christmas and a bit of a stir

By: stagedoorscribbler - December 23, 2019

Mary Berry

It’s intriguing to hear that one of Prince Louis' earliest words was ‘Mary’ after he spotted a photograph of the nice lady who came to film in the family kitchen on a cookery book.
At least that’s how the Duchess of Cambridge remembers it. The Mary in question of course was Mary Berry, the former Bake Off Queen and one time speaker on the Clive Conway Productions circuit.
Cooking it seems is an important part of life for the Cambridge family. Butb they do have a few advantages. Not only did they have direct access to Mary Berry to prepare for a charity event but it was featured prominently in the subsequent BBC special A Berry Royal Christmas.
The Duchess talked about how she cooks with her children and uses Berry’s recipes for making pizza which is one of their favourite foods.
Then we saw the Cambridge’s elder son five-year-old Prince George watched by his dad Prince William, his granddad Prince Charles and his great grandma, the  Queen, stirring a Royal Christmas.
If you didn’t think about it too closely it looked like an excellent piece of Royal photo PR. But it quickly sparked a good-natured round of amusing observations on social media pointing out that Prince William and Prince Charles were both dressed in formal suits and the Queen was holding her handbag. The message basically was: No one dresses like that to stir a Christmas pud.
They should have asked Mary who is pretty posh herself but shortly after finding fame on Bake-Off was rocking a fashion fusion of floral bomber jacket off the High Street paired with pearls. The £30 silk bomber almost instantly sold out. I'm not suggesting her Maj should go down the bomber jacket route, simply that lessons could be learned.