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Nigel Farage

Nigel Farage

Nigel Farage


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In an age of  colourless bureaucrats, Nigel Farage is a politician who is impossible to ignore, provoking controversy and admiration in equal measure.

Writing in The Spectator the journalist Rod Liddle described Farage as “the most important British politician of the past decade and the most successful…with enormous intelligence and chutzpah and a refreshingly unorthodox approach….”

On 4th July, Nigel Farage again announced his resignation as leader of UKIP having achieved his principal objective - to see Britain set on a course to leave the European Union.

On a recent visit to the USA he said that “one of the joys of not continuing as party leader is have more time, so I will be travelling around Europe helping other independence movements…we should be celebrating a diverse Europe of independent nation states, and if I can do anything to help that, then I will,”